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Susie Duarte

Social Media, Sponsors, Public Relations

Gold Man Records, Al Duarte Management

Chris Castaneda

Vice President, Editor, Singer, Guitarist

Al Duarte

Founder & President

A new Independent Label Representing Texas’ finest musicians, bringing you music and shows that generate excitement.

Gold Man Records has capitalized on the growing entertainment market across the world through the production and promotion of high quality music and entertainment. Located in Austin, Texas the company has become highly successful motivating new talents and developing original fresh music, recordings, products and live entertainment.

The company has established a record label to handle a variety of music genres including Pop, R&B, Rap, Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Jazz, Latin Jazz and Funk. Gold Man Records has compiled an exciting and diverse roster of recording artists and live entertainment shows.

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Javier Lozano

Artist Relations, Lead Talent Manager

Alizae Duarte

Make-Up, Hair