Genre: Tejano/MIX Music
Release Date: Tuesday June 4, 2019
Honored with a Proclamation
Chris “Tejano Man” Tristan Day in Austin, Texas
Honored Proclamation Date: June 4th
Booking: 512-800-2811
Management, 512-826-6705

Tejano Austinite Honored with proclamation after decades of Tejano Music ties and spinning Tejano Music favorites. Austin declared that forever on June 4th be Chris “Tejano Man” Tristan day in Austin, Texas.
Over two decades have passed since Robert Chris “Tejano Man” Tristan has started his Tejano industry radio career also known as “DJ Tejano Man” and has earned a local and international reputation as an on-air personality with real industry knowledge.

Entertaining and inspiring Tejano audiences across the world with music from industry icons, legends, local favorites and new up and comers, Chris continues to inspire new fans. Sharing and promoting on all levels of Tejano music, doing his part keeping Tejanos dancing and Tejano music alive. Representing the “Live Music Capital of the World” Austin, Texas.

Thank you fans, fam and friends. Thank you Austin, Texas!